ADU Completes 6th National Mathematics Competition


The College of Arts and Sciences at Abu Dhabi University (ADU) has completed the sixth edition of its annual National Mathematics Competition. The competition aims to highlight the importance of mathematics and its applications in practical life.

Held at ADU Al Ain campus, the competition attracted 150 high school students representing 40 schools across the UAE. Divided in 75 teams, students compete to solve mathematics problems applied in real life situations over two rounds. All participating teams took part in the first round competing against each other, after which only the top teams qualified to the second and final round.

Commenting on the competition, Dr Hamdi Sheibani, ADU’s Dean of College of Arts and Sciences said, “The increased turnout of student participants, year after year, is a testament to the competition’s success. Abu Dhabi University is always keen to discover talented students with scientific and mathematical skills to encourage them to think outside the box and face the challenges of the future.”

Students from Al Andalous Private School won the first place, while Meryland International School took second place and third place was the Al Dhafra Private School. Dr Sofiane Grira, chairman of the Organizing Committee of the National Mathematics Competition, accompanied by Dr Mohamed Fteiha, Acting Campus Director, awarded the winners with certificates of appreciation and prizes.

Commenting on the occasion, Dr Grira said, “This competition is one of many academic activities that the department is keen on organizing annually as it serves the community and translates ADU’s interest in disseminating knowledge and exporting experiences to aid the academic community.”

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