Manchester Uni Begins Management Dev Program


The University of Manchester Middle East Center in Dubai is launching the Manchester Management Development Program (MMDP) for the region. The MMDP is an Executive Education program that runs on campus in Manchester and has been tailored to working professionals in the Middle East. The first session of the new three-day program will run from 13-15 February 2018, led by visiting faculty from the university. MMDP is one of a series of new executive education programs launched by the university in the Middle East, during 2017 and 2018.

The business world increasingly demands agility, flexibility and collaboration across boundaries and the Manchester Management Development Program is designed to help talented, ambitious managers make the transition into business leadership, in any industry or country in the region. The three-day program challenges managers to move beyond their comfort zone and past experience, and develop the skills and knowledge needed to take on new and more senior roles. The MMDP is specifically designed to support ‘managers in transition’.

For delegates in the region, the Manchester Management Development Program covers a range of issues that are especially important when doing business in the Middle East. The MMDP concentrates learning across three intensive days, during which candidates will answer the key questions that ambitious managers should ask themselves, and will leave with a clear action plan and the confidence, knowledge and skills to achieve it.

The MMDP starts by introducing the ‘Opportunity to Shine’ (OTS) model which is all about how the manager can apply the MMDP learning to their current workplace position and make an immediate positive impact. Delegates then look at mapping and managing business stakeholders, managing risk and uncertainty, developing an understanding of negotiating, and working within organisational hierarchies.

Randa Bessiso, Director, Middle East at The University of Manchester commented on the program, “Whether you want to transform the way one person works, inspire a group to think differently or drive change across a whole organization, our Executive Education program have a real impact on individual and business performance, and help drive your business forward. At The University of Manchester, we offer much more than management training courses. We have over 50 years’ experience of working in partnership with our clients to develop unique executive education program that inspire leaders, change cultures and transform organizations.”

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