MKF Launches Second Edition of Youth Program


Al Mabarrah Al Khalifia Foundation (MKF) has launched the second edition of the Youth Enrichment Program under the theme of ‘Leadership Skills’ in Bahrain.

The launch of the second edition of the program followed the graduation of first batch of participants in May 2017 that was held in cooperation with Isa Cultural Center, Royal Academy of Police, Gulf Air Academy, Al Amal Special Education Institute, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, as well as many other civil society organizations.

During the meeting, the Head of Youth Programs of MKF, Fatima Abdulrahman Al Jar, delivered a speech on the occasion of the launch of the program, followed by the participation of Nasser Salah, a graduate of the first batch of the Youth Enrichment Program, who shared his experience. The meeting also included a video presentation about the Youth Enrichment Program and a Q&A session.

The Youth Enrichment Program aims to enhance self-confidence and creativity, providing young people with knowledge, skills and leadership qualities, fostering a sense of belonging to the nation, developing entrepreneurship and leadership, with the aim of bringing up an entrepreneurial youth who can interact positively with the community.

The Enrichment Program is a three-year training program that targets two categories of participant. First category will undergo a unique learning experience provided through mental and physical activities corresponding with the program’s values. The second category is the trainers who will be conducting the training courses.

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